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The reasons are numerous and have already been documented in our FAQs. Numerous possibilities to enter an IRC server. Easy, quick and anonymous. Usually no registration possible. Huge playground for tech freaks. Build your own scripts. Possibility to automate communication etc.

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Easy communication.
No annoying web application, no advertising banners.
A lot of ways to communicate with people. Own scripts that simplify life through automation.
There are often people on IRC with similar interests. See more on

Why is Internet Relay Chat still used and popular?
Why not?

Easy communication.
No annoying web application, no advertising banners.
A lot of ways to communicate with people. Own scripts that simplify life through automation.
There are often people on IRC with similar interests. See more on

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The log files tell you the respective problem.
We cannot make any assumptions here. Check the log files and look at to find out how you can fix the problem.

The log files tell you the respective problem.
We cannot make any assumptions here. Check the log files and look at to find out how you can fix the problem.

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Why irc is dead – Internet Relay Chat

Why Internet Relay Chat is dead?

Nothing really dies, even IRC.

The IRC is loved by the people and people. Filtering takes place. People with a support goal can increasingly be found on IRC

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Why not?

Easy communication.
No annoying web application, no advertising banners.

You can quickly log in anonymously and access information.

Using the numerous functions, you can program your own bots that automate your requests if necessary.

What’s a hacker anyway?

Basically, IRC is open to all cool people who are specifically looking for information.

Including programmers, developers, many software houses and a lot of technical support

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Nothing really dies, it is relaunching as
You can find some reasons under:

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Which is best IRC client?
That depends on your concerns.

Personally, I like pure TERMINAL clients without any graphic frills.

Usually Windows users mIRC and Linux users currently use HexChat

That depends on your concerns.

Personally, I like pure TERMINAL clients without any graphic frills.

Usually Windows users mIRC and Linux users currently use HexChat

Ausführliche Tests findest Du unter

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Who do you want to meet?

Many support chats are on the FreeNode IRC Network. Gamers often use Quakenet.

What do you want to talk about?
What are your hobbies ?

You can find your target group on every server. Often up to 90,000 people are online.

Choose a server and check the channel list immediately!

You can view and check the respective channels at

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The actual IRC chat server is called “ IRC daemon (Internet Relay Chat Daemon)“.
Like everything else, this is also based on RFC1459.

There are now an incredible number of IRCDs on the market.
Most of them, however, are based on an existing IRCD.
Since most of the programs in this area are USW open source, this is no wonder. The question of which IRCd to use and which not.
Personally, I prefer the „original“ IRCds first and foremost because the actual author deserves them 🙂
Anyone who should set up their own IRCD has to ask themselves the following questions

What functions does the respective IRCd have?

Which one offers the user more security?

Which one offers me as admin / IRCOP more rights?

How big will my network be?

Do I want to link with others later?

Etc 🙂

As with chat clients, these programs are available for different operating systems.
Here is a SMALL list of the existing IRCDs.

IRC daemons (only a few)
Linux / Unix
Bahamut IRCd
Unreal-IRCd , UnrealIRCd
Hybrid IRCd, HybridIRCd
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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) offers almost unbelievable possibilities.
The rule is: Nothing is impossible.  access options.

Access options.

An IRC network can be entered with various clients.
There are numerous freeware / shareware programs for every operating system, all of which
offer interesting opportunities to enjoy IRC.
In addition, WebMasters have a huge selection of so-called web clients (web clients, web interfaces)
Whether you want a php WebChat, CGI WebChat, Java WebChat or even a Flash WebChat, everything is possible. But let’s get to the IRC itself.
IRCDs and IRC clients are mostly opensource.
That means, those who have a clue can make their own IRCd and add missing functions themselves. Many IRCds nowadays offer a module system (unrealIRCd), which allows functions to be added without having to change the actual source code.
The simple user can create his own rooms without specialist knowledge, stay in several rooms and private chats without losing the overview
In addition, depending on the client, he can easily share files.
Since everything is more or less peer to peer, the speed is usually very good. And you have a better relationship with the other person. IRC offers very good support options.
Because you can design your own client as you like, or you can put so-called eggdrops (robots) in the chat room.
Is it possible to have certain processes automated?
So it is possible to have the client or the bot answer certain questions or, if necessary, to create a so-called FAQ database where the person seeking help can find his answers. This makes the work of the respective supporter easier.

powered by :

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UnrealIRCD is one of the most widely used IRCDs (IRC server)
Why ?
Click !

UnrealIRCD is one of the most widely used IRCDs (IRC server)

  • easy to install
  • easy to configure
  • is constantly being developed
  • modular system, thus expandable
  • tried and tested
  • IRC-Mania and most of the IRC networks use UnrealIRCD or variations.

According to, 2647 Server was using UnrealIRCD.(December 2019)
Then, far away, insIRCd with 1179 Server-installations.

You can get a list and further information at:

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Expressed in a simple way.
A chat that you can enter through numerous clients (web chats, desktop (Linux, Mac, Windows).
You can chat with groups in „channels“, or private. Often topic-based.

IRC clients are very expandable, so you can adapt your needs yourself.

You can offer and use data via file sharing.
And much more.
A complete overview and further information can be found at

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An IRC client (IRC client) is, is just a chat-application to enter the world of IRC. Since
we found under “ Which access options does IRC offer? “ That there are unbelievable number of and above all very different clients, we will present a small list below.
Choosing the right IRC client is quite important.
That means everyone now has different standards.
Many of them only want to briefly ask questions in the chat and only rarely visit an IRC chat. An IRC web chat is okay for this group, as they don’t „have“ to install any software. However, if you are in the IRC more often, or maybe have a support chat or something else there, it would be advisable to use your „real“ IRC client.
These chat programs can certainly make chat life easier.
They offer a much better overview of the channels and private chats and usually offer a very good configuration interface.
In addition, most IRC clients can be scripted in such a way that they can be used almost perfectly for support chats etc.
It also makes sense for normal users, web chats should only be available as an emergency solution 🙂

IRC clients
mIRC (including IM script)
Linux / Unix
Web clients
Java chats
php chats
CGI chats
Flash chat
Since there are different WebChats here, all links lead to
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IRC what does it stand for?
It stands for Internet Relay Chat

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like every technical and public facility, a system needs administrators / watchdogs / contact persons. In an IRC chat, this contact person represents the so-called IRC-OP.
IRCOP = Internet relay chat operator

IRCOP has nothing to do with a COP.
He has a specific task depending on his status.
Because not every IRCOP has the same powers / rights.
We assume a network with services.

Services admin / rootNet adminServer administratorTechAdminCo administrator- —GlobalIRCOPLocal– -HelpOp -HelpOp    
Table explanation

First and foremost is the ServicesRoot The ServiceRoot is, so to speak, the master of the services (OperServ, nickserv, USW)
As long as they are online, it is the most powerful Admin / IRCOP of the network, so to speak.
All admins, server administrators, network administrators, technical administrators and the administrator stand under him.
If there were no services there, it would be classified as ServerAdmin.
Whereby according to the status he would still be ServicesAdmin, just without services (lobby).
Since admins can sometimes set all the flags themselves, they have the same status in terms of rank. The different nicknames should just reflect the position of the operating room. So who is responsible for what.
In the middle we see the normal IRCOP, no after flags its powers can change again.
The global IRCOP can, for example, kick / kill / clinch any USER in a network. A local IRCOP, however, only if the user is on the same server (local server).

A HElp – Op, if it has + h as the only flag, is the lowest IRCOP at all. He has no great rights in itself. He may only get a message from certain admins if someone needs help somewhere.
In addition, the normal user should be shown that this user is offering his help.

Usually this status is always linked to another status.
So every admin / IRCOP can use this status.

Again to the tasks of the individual IRCOPs 🙂
Tasks of the IRCOPs
IRCOPs / admins should defend the trouble-free chat process.
that is, if some servers have split, they bring them back to the network. If a user or a user group is noticed unpleasantly, the respective admin has to exclude the user or the user group from chat.
If a user has forgotten the password for his nickname (if NickServ is available)
then the ServicesAdmin is responsible, for example, that the respective password is sent to the respective e-mail.
If a USER notices heavy crimes (child pornography, etc.), he / she has the DUTY to report this. Ideally an IRCOP so that it can first determine the IP of the respective USER.
However, this process is not a special administrative task, but every CITIZEN has the duty to report such acts.
These are the duties of every citizen of the FRG. And morally, everyone’s duties!

Since this can only be punished on the basis of the IP, an admin may have to be notified

How do I become an IRCOP?

  • sigh *
    If you really want to become IRCOP, you should build your own network. You can find out how to do this under “ How can I set up my own IRC-Net? „
    However, most of them expect the respective admin to simply enter them.
  • sigh *
    If you think you have earned IRCOP / admin rights in another network, then the first thing you should do is rate yourself well.

No admin of a large network will give you IRCOP status just for fun.

Here I have summarized some questions that I personally rate as important.
An IRCOP should primarily complement the team.
You don’t need power addicts who want to show their friends what they have already achieved 😉

Have you ever dealt with programming an IRCD or the services? `If
so …

Which projects can you show?

Which IRCD did you deal with?

Are you able to create your own modules for IRCServices?

If so, please pick up a test assignment.

If not, then you should have other benefits;)

Which IRCD and which services would you prefer?
Why this one?
What speaks against Unreal
What speaks for Unreal?
What is wrong with Bahamut?
What are the advantages of Bahamut?

What speaks against IRC services?
What are the advantages of IRC services?
What speaks against Epona?
What are the advantages of Epons?

If you could become an IRCOP in our network, what would you change first?
In terms of structure?
Which new service modules would you recommend?

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Eggdrops are so-called bots, i.e. robots for the Unix / Linux system.
These slaves are loaded onto a shell (see also ShellProvider) in order to handle various tasks in the channel. In IRCNET ( USW) there are no real IRC services (nickserv USW). Eggdrops are therefore often used as a nick holder or as a channel operator so that one does not lose the op rights. Sometimes you can feed these bots with other sometimes meaningful scripts.
In most cases it is just a gimmick.
In my opinion, eggdrops serve as a good support aid, because they can save you a lot of work, provided that the users participate.
Often the pack is too lazy 🙂 and thinks that a human ChatPartner could help better 🙂 which is not always the case. All scripts of these egg drops are written in the „TCL“ programming language.
Some workshops – tutorials will be available on from August Such a bot can show the current TV program, search independently on „google“ and show the evaluations in the channel. In addition, these bots are often misused to make channel statistics;) An example here:
if you can’t afford a shell and only have Windows as an OS at home, you don’t need to despair. There are so-called windrops 🙂 For this you need the normal Eggdrops + an additional program.
And you can already use them 🙂
there are workshops again 🙂 @ =

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The access options of an IRC system are almost unique;)
IRC server can be accessed via various clients.
It is possible to enter via independent „chat programs“ such as mIRC (Windows) or BitchX (Linux), but also via various web clients, such as a php web chat, CGI web chat, Java -WebChats, Flash, Webchats and much more.
You can find a list of such WebChats, for example, on .
But there are also countless progs in the chat programs.
From freeware to shareware, everything is represented.
Anyone who has chosen IRC, for example to have a support chat, should definitely get a real chat client. The WebChats should only be used as an exception, for homepage visitors who want to avoid a program.
Meanwhile, there are also numerous IRC accesses for iphone/smartphones.
Both directly via the IRC tool (for mobile phones) and via WAP.
If you want to know more about it, you should visit .
A small list of different IRC clients can be found here under „What is an IRC client?“

If you want to set up a complete IRCD, you can find tutorials on

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if you are still looking for a good place to host ( drop) your IRCd or Eggdrop, you have now found it.
Here you will only find shell providers that we have already tested.
All IRCD shells are used daily by our partner !
We will only present 2, at most 3 providers here. You can find
more information at or

ShellProvider Rating very stable and „old“ provider, both the experience and the support are very high.

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  • Can anyone set up an IRCNet?
    Sure, everyone can build their own network. You only need a few knowledge of Linux, a Unix / Linux system and the individual programs, i.e. IRCD and possibly services.
    Before doing this, however, you should ask yourself whether you really need a network or whether it should be just a gimmick. If you mean it SERIOUSLY, you should already have a small network of several IRCDs, all of which have a different connection good and simple network can cost between 100 – XXX euros. You can of course also use multiple shell providers. A normal shell costs around 15 euro / USD. (See also: what are ShellProviders?)
    However, their performance is usually not that great.
    However, you don’t have to worry about the server configuration. Important: The main condition is that you can READ. I now claim that 60% of all IRCNet administrators have no idea. By IRCNetz, I certainly don’t mean the oldest of all networks (IRCNet) but in general!
    Before you install everything PLEASE READ the FAQ.
    this page does not deal with it 🙂 If you, for whatever reason, now want to install an IRC-D, then take a look at past. There you will get different work shops / tutorials for different IRCDs (see also what is an IRC daemon?) Among other things, our board is available to you and in EMERGENCIES the chat. Please don’t annoy so badly.
    FIRST read the DOCs. It is really scruffy to constantly answer questions that are already contained in the supplied READMEs or install FAQs.
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In order to clarify this problem, we need more information. For example the error message.

Try other IRC servers. If no IRC server works, check whether your firewall has blocked the ports.

Do not use a proxy or any other encryption methods

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Website directory: IRC pages. IRC commands, tutorials and MORE!
Very good and detailed IRC page, which is very detailed.

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It’s definitely worth stopping by.
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IRC workshops, IRC tutorials, etc.
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