What is Internet Relay Chat IRC.

Expressed in a simple way.A chat that you can enter through numerous clients (web chats, desktop (Linux, Mac, Windows).You can chat with groups in „channels“, or private. Often topic-based. IRC clients are very expandable, so you can adapt your needs yourself. You can offer and use data via file sharing.And much more.A complete overview and … Weiterlesen

Can’t connect to IRC!

In order to clarify this problem, we need more information. For example the error message. Try other IRC servers. If no IRC server works, check whether your firewall has blocked the ports. Do not use a proxy or any other encryption methods

Which is best IRC client?

Which is best IRC client?
That depends on your concerns.

Personally, I like pure TERMINAL clients without any graphic frills.

Usually Windows users mIRC and Linux users currently use HexChat

Which IRC server should I use?

Who do you want to meet? Many support chats are on the FreeNode IRC Network. Gamers often use Quakenet. What do you want to talk about?What are your hobbies ? You can find your target group on every server. Often up to 90,000 people are online. Choose a server and check the channel list immediately! … Weiterlesen

Why hackers use IRC

Why not? Easy communication.No annoying web application, no advertising banners. You can quickly log in anonymously and access information. Using the numerous functions, you can program your own bots that automate your requests if necessary. What’s a hacker anyway? Basically, IRC is open to all cool people who are specifically looking for information. Including programmers, … Weiterlesen

Why is IRC still used and popular?

Easy communication.
No annoying web application, no advertising banners.
A lot of ways to communicate with people. Own scripts that simplify life through automation.
There are often people on IRC with similar interests. See more on https://www.IRC-Mania.de

Why use irc= Internet Relay Chat?

The reasons are numerous and have already been documented in our FAQs. Numerous possibilities to enter an IRC server. Easy, quick and anonymous. Usually no registration possible. Huge playground for tech freaks. Build your own scripts. Possibility to automate communication etc.

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