What access options does IRC offer?

The access options of an IRC system are almost unique;)
IRC server can be accessed via various clients.
It is possible to enter via independent „chat programs“ such as mIRC (Windows) or BitchX (Linux), but also via various web clients, such as a php web chat, CGI web chat, Java -WebChats, Flash, Webchats and much more.
You can find a list of such WebChats, for example, on IRC-WebChats.de .
But there are also countless progs in the chat programs.
From freeware to shareware, everything is represented.
Anyone who has chosen IRC, for example to have a support chat, should definitely get a real chat client. The WebChats should only be used as an exception, for homepage visitors who want to avoid a program.
Meanwhile, there are also numerous IRC accesses for iphone/smartphones.
Both directly via the IRC tool (for mobile phones) and via WAP.
If you want to know more about it, you should visit IRC-Mania.de .
A small list of different IRC clients can be found here under „What is an IRC client?“

If you want to set up a complete IRCD, you can find tutorials on IRC-Mania.de IRC-Mania.de

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