What are eggdrops / bots?

Eggdrops are so-called bots, i.e. robots for the Unix / Linux system.
These slaves are loaded onto a shell (see also ShellProvider) in order to handle various tasks in the channel. In IRCNET (irc.uni-erlangen.de USW) there are no real IRC services (nickserv USW). Eggdrops are therefore often used as a nick holder or as a channel operator so that one does not lose the op rights. Sometimes you can feed these bots with other sometimes meaningful scripts.
In most cases it is just a gimmick.
In my opinion, eggdrops serve as a good support aid, because they can save you a lot of work, provided that the users participate.
Often the pack is too lazy 🙂 and thinks that a human ChatPartner could help better 🙂 which is not always the case. All scripts of these egg drops are written in the „TCL“ programming language.
Some workshops – tutorials will be available on IRC-Mania.de from August Such a bot can show the current TV program, search independently on „google“ and show the evaluations in the channel. In addition, these bots are often misused to make channel statistics;) An example here: http://ircmania.chanstats.de
if you can’t afford a shell and only have Windows as an OS at home, you don’t need to despair. There are so-called windrops 🙂 For this you need the normal Eggdrops + an additional program.
And you can already use them 🙂
there are workshops again 🙂 @ IRC-Mania.de =

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