What is an IRC client

An IRC client (IRC client) is, is just a chat-application to enter the world of IRC. Since
we found under “ Which access options does IRC offer? “ That there are unbelievable number of and above all very different clients, we will present a small list below.
Choosing the right IRC client is quite important.
That means everyone now has different standards.
Many of them only want to briefly ask questions in the chat and only rarely visit an IRC chat. An IRC web chat is okay for this group, as they don’t „have“ to install any software. However, if you are in the IRC more often, or maybe have a support chat or something else there, it would be advisable to use your „real“ IRC client.
These chat programs can certainly make chat life easier.
They offer a much better overview of the channels and private chats and usually offer a very good configuration interface.
In addition, most IRC clients can be scripted in such a way that they can be used almost perfectly for support chats etc.
It also makes sense for normal users, web chats should only be available as an emergency solution 🙂

IRC clients
mIRC (including IM script)
Linux / Unix
Web clients
Java chats
php chats
CGI chats
Flash chat
Since there are different WebChats here, all links lead to IRC-WebChats.de
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