What the hell is an IRC Daemon?

The actual IRC chat server is called “ IRC daemon (Internet Relay Chat Daemon)“.
Like everything else, this is also based on RFC1459.

There are now an incredible number of IRCDs on the market.
Most of them, however, are based on an existing IRCD.
Since most of the programs in this area are USW open source, this is no wonder. The question of which IRCd to use and which not.
Personally, I prefer the „original“ IRCds first and foremost because the actual author deserves them 🙂
Anyone who should set up their own IRCD has to ask themselves the following questions

What functions does the respective IRCd have?

Which one offers the user more security?

Which one offers me as admin / IRCOP more rights?

How big will my network be?

Do I want to link with others later?

Etc 🙂

As with chat clients, these programs are available for different operating systems.
Here is a SMALL list of the existing IRCDs.

IRC daemons (only a few)
Linux / Unix
Bahamut IRCd
Unreal-IRCd , UnrealIRCd
Hybrid IRCd, HybridIRCd
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